List of Third-Party PluginsΒΆ

The table below contains a listing of plugins found in PyPI and their status when tested using py.test 2.7.0 and python 2.7 and 3.3.

A complete listing can also be found at plugincompat, which contains tests status against other py.test releases.

Name Py27 Py34 Home Summary
pytest-allure-adaptor ../_images/github.png Plugin for py.test to generate allure xml reports
pytest-ansible ../_images/github.png UNKNOWN
pytest-autochecklog ../_images/github.png automatically check condition and log all the checks
pytest-bdd ../_images/github.png BDD for pytest
pytest-beakerlib link A pytest plugin that reports test results to the BeakerLib framework
pytest-beds ../_images/github.png Fixtures for testing Google Appengine (GAE) apps
pytest-bench ../_images/github.png Benchmark utility that plugs into pytest.
pytest-benchmark ../_images/github.png py.test fixture for benchmarking code
pytest-blockage ../_images/github.png Disable network requests during a test run.
pytest-bpdb ../_images/github.png A py.test plug-in to enable drop to bpdb debugger on test failure.
pytest-browsermob-proxy ../_images/github.png BrowserMob proxy plugin for py.test.
pytest-bugzilla ../_images/github.png py.test bugzilla integration plugin
pytest-cache ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest plugin with mechanisms for caching across test runs
pytest-cagoule ../_images/github.png Pytest plugin to only run tests affected by changes
pytest-capturelog ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test plugin to capture log messages
pytest-catchlog ../_images/github.png py.test plugin to catch log messages. This is a fork of pytest-capturelog.
pytest-circleci ../_images/github.png py.test plugin for CircleCI
pytest-cloud ../_images/github.png Distributed tests planner plugin for pytest testing framework.
pytest-codecheckers ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest plugin to add source code sanity checks (pep8 and friends)
pytest-colordots ../_images/github.png Colorizes the progress indicators
pytest-config ../_images/github.png Base configurations and utilities for developing your Python project test suite with pytest.
pytest-contextfixture ../_images/github.png Define pytest fixtures as context managers.
pytest-couchdbkit ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test extension for per-test couchdb databases using couchdbkit
pytest-cov ../_images/github.png py.test plugin for coverage reporting with support for both centralised and distributed testing, including subprocesses and multiprocessing
pytest-cpp ../_images/github.png Use pytest’s runner to discover and execute C++ tests
pytest-dbfixtures ../_images/github.png Databases fixtures plugin for py.test.
pytest-dbus-notification ../_images/github.png D-BUS notifications for pytest results.
pytest-describe ../_images/github.png Describe-style plugin for pytest
pytest-diffeo ../_images/github.png Common py.test support for Diffeo packages
pytest-django link A Django plugin for py.test.
pytest-django-haystack ../_images/github.png Cleanup your Haystack indexes between tests
pytest-django-lite ../_images/github.png The bare minimum to integrate py.test with Django.
pytest-django-sqlcount ../_images/github.png py.test plugin for reporting the number of SQLs executed per django testcase.
pytest-echo link pytest plugin with mechanisms for echoing environment variables, package version and generic attributes
pytest-env ../_images/github.png py.test plugin that allows you to add environment variables.
pytest-eradicate ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to check for commented out code
pytest-figleaf ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test figleaf coverage plugin
pytest-fixture-tools ? Plugin for pytest which provides tools for fixtures
pytest-flakes ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to check source code with pyflakes
pytest-flask ../_images/github.png A set of py.test fixtures to test Flask applications.
pytest-greendots ? Green progress dots
pytest-growl ? Growl notifications for pytest results.
pytest-httpbin ../_images/github.png Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin
pytest-httpretty ../_images/github.png A thin wrapper of HTTPretty for pytest
pytest-incremental ../_images/bitbucket.png an incremental test runner (pytest plugin)
pytest-instafail ../_images/github.png py.test plugin to show failures instantly
pytest-ipdb ../_images/github.png A py.test plug-in to enable drop to ipdb debugger on test failure.
pytest-ipynb ../_images/github.png Use pytest’s runner to discover and execute tests as cells of IPython notebooks
pytest-jira ../_images/github.png py.test JIRA integration plugin, using markers
pytest-knows ../_images/github.png A pytest plugin that can automaticly skip test case based on dependence info calculated by trace
pytest-konira ../_images/github.png Run Konira DSL tests with py.test
pytest-localserver ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test plugin to test server connections locally.
pytest-marker-bugzilla ../_images/github.png py.test bugzilla integration plugin, using markers
pytest-markfiltration ../_images/github.png UNKNOWN
pytest-marks ../_images/github.png UNKNOWN
pytest-mock ../_images/github.png Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
pytest-monkeyplus ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest’s monkeypatch subclass with extra functionalities
pytest-mozwebqa ../_images/github.png Mozilla WebQA plugin for py.test.
pytest-multihost link Utility for writing multi-host tests for pytest
pytest-oerp ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to test OpenERP modules
pytest-oot link Run object-oriented tests in a simple format
pytest-optional ../_images/bitbucket.png include/exclude values of fixtures in pytest
pytest-ordering ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order
pytest-osxnotify ../_images/github.png OS X notifications for py.test results.
pytest-paste-config ? Allow setting the path to a paste config file
pytest-pep257 ? py.test plugin for pep257
pytest-pep8 ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest plugin to check PEP8 requirements
pytest-pipeline ../_images/github.png Pytest plugin for functional testing of data analysis pipelines
pytest-poo ../_images/github.png Visualize your crappy tests
pytest-poo-fail ../_images/github.png Visualize your failed tests with poo
pytest-pycharm ../_images/github.png Plugin for py.test to enter PyCharm debugger on uncaught exceptions
pytest-pydev ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test plugin to connect to a remote debug server with PyDev or PyCharm.
pytest-pyq link Pytest fixture “q” for pyq
pytest-pythonpath ../_images/github.png pytest plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH from command line or configs.
pytest-qt ../_images/github.png pytest support for PyQt and PySide applications
pytest-quickcheck ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest plugin to generate random data inspired by QuickCheck
pytest-rage ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to implement PEP712
pytest-raisesregexp ../_images/github.png Simple pytest plugin to look for regex in Exceptions
pytest-random ../_images/github.png py.test plugin to randomize tests
pytest-readme ../_images/github.png Test your file
pytest-regtest link py.test plugin for regression tests
pytest-remove-stale-bytecode ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test plugin to remove stale byte code files.
pytest-rerunfailures ../_images/github.png py.test plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flakey failures
pytest-runfailed ../_images/github.png implement a –failed option for pytest
pytest-runner ../_images/bitbucket.png Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution.
pytest-services ../_images/github.png Services plugin for pytest testing framework
pytest-sftpserver ../_images/github.png py.test plugin to locally test sftp server connections.
pytest-smartcov ../_images/github.png Smart coverage plugin for pytest.
pytest-sourceorder link Test-ordering plugin for pytest
pytest-spec ../_images/github.png pytest plugin to display test execution output like a SPECIFICATION
pytest-splinter ../_images/github.png Splinter plugin for pytest testing framework
pytest-stepwise ../_images/github.png Run a test suite one failing test at a time.
pytest-sugar ../_images/github.png py.test is a plugin for py.test that changes the default look and feel of py.test (e.g. progressbar, show tests that fail instantly).
pytest-timeout ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test plugin to abort hanging tests
pytest-tornado ../_images/github.png A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.
pytest-translations ../_images/github.png Test your translation files
pytest-twisted ../_images/github.png A twisted plugin for py.test.
pytest-unmarked ../_images/github.png Run only unmarked tests
pytest-watch ../_images/github.png Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog.
pytest-xdist ../_images/bitbucket.png py.test xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
pytest-xprocess ../_images/bitbucket.png pytest plugin to manage external processes across test runs
pytest-yamlwsgi ? Run tests against wsgi apps defined in yaml
pytest-zap ../_images/github.png OWASP ZAP plugin for py.test.

(Updated on 2015-02-28)